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Dan Raven talks about the magnitude of the Kenandy Salesforce Platform ERP implementation and system integration at Big Heart Pet Brands and thanks Robert Long, then VP of IT, for the experience.

Raven Business Practice, LLC. is proud to have led 15 successful SAP implementations and 5 Kenandy ERP implementations.  Kenandy is a cloud-based ERP built on the platform.  These often involve platform migrations which include the integration with many other applications such as Supply Chain solutions, BI solutions, and shop floor control systems.  I strongly believe that it is better to have small teams of experts working on a project than staff a projects with large teams from big consulting firms.  I have managed projects with both approaches and have found that a small team of experts, is far more productive and much less expensive.  Raven Business Practice specializes in building small highly experienced teams that produce extraordinary results in a short period of time.  If you are looking for an experienced strategic project manager to watch out for your best interests on a project or if you are looking for someone to build a small task force to perform an ERP implementation or platform move, you have come to the right place.

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We have assisted in at least 9 mergers and 4 divestitures.  The key to successful mergers is to quickly roll out the corporate-sponsored business processes and best practices.  By migrating new business entities onto your single global platform, you will easily be able to integrate them into a reporting platform, ensuring that you are reporting on different business entities in the same way.  There is an added benefit of getting all divisions on the same platform.  When the entire organization is on the same ERP platform, all of your business groups will speak the same language and there are many synergies that come from all sites using the same applications.  Your business can easily move product lines from plant to plant or from one distribution center to another.  This also enables easy cross-training allowing people from one facility to easily cover for counterparts in other facilities.  With a globalized platform, regional disaster recovery is easily manageable.

Divestitures can be just as challenging.  Companies often need expert help to separate data and disconnect interfaces without breaking the business processes.  When companies are forced to segregate data into separate legal entities, they often face challenges that need to be managed quickly and completely in a limited amount of time.

Areas of practice: ERP Project Management Consulting, SAP Projects, Salesforce Projects, IT Governance, IT Audit Preparation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Supply Chain Management projects, BI projects, Organizational Change Management, Business Process Re-Engineering, Interim CIO and more.

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People act in disbelief when I tell them that I have rolled out SAP following a 2 month project plan. I have used this agile-like approach to roll out SAP to more than 10 manufacturing plants and distribution centers. In this book, you will find the methodology and approach to rapid implementations. You will also find examples of the detailed project plan and cut-over plan and much more. I have also shared my personal experiences successfully using this agile-like approach in more than 10 SAP implementations. This book is filled with tips & tricks used along the way. This book is not only meant to be a step-by-step handbook to a speedy ERP implementation, but it is also designed to be a reference guide so you can easily refer to sections that apply to a particular stage of a project. I decided to write this book when I realized that this SMART Approach process is repeatable. I was leading a project team following this process and it dawned on me that I was the only one on the team that had done it before. That is when I realized that it was not just an excellent SAP team that made this possible. It is the process itself. I also talk about how to motivate the team and get the business involved in ownership of the project. I sincerely hope you find this book useful. I would love to hear about your projects. Click the link above to find it on   Enjoy.

No matter how professional your implementation partner is, companies need someone to watch out for their best interests during the contract negotiations and system implementations.  Often it does not occur to companies that they need someone to organize an prepare their organization for the immense change they are about to undergo.  This is our specialty.  We are here to watch out for your best interests and ensure your team members are organized, prepared, engaged in the project, and ready to make the difficult business process decisions that are required.

people and process are the key to successful companies and successful system implementations.

Author of the book, "On Your Mark, Get Set, Go-Live".


With more than 20 years of experience, in business and information technology, Dan Raven has the experience you need to weave together business processes with cutting edge technology.  Specializing in project management consulting for ERP implementations, platform migrations, and mergers & acquisitions, Raven Business Practice, offers a lean approach providing extraordinary results.

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During and after an ERP implementation, companies often find a need to streamline business processes.  Companies often find themselves in a situation where their legacy applications limited their ability to improve business processes which in turn limited their ability to grow.  When moving to a new ERP platform, you have a very good opportunity to update and streamline business processes. There is no better time to roll out industry best practices.  However, to save money and time, I recommend limiting process change during an ERP implementation.  New ERP platforms offer more flexibility and your business can roll out new processes on these flexible platforms swiftly and easily.  It has been my experience that after every ERP implementation, companies are in a constant state of change, a state of continuous improvement, where they are forever improving their business processes.  Raven Business Practice, LLC. is well-seasoned at leading companies through business process evolution.